Tamara Negri Smith, CEO and Creative Director of Designs to Impress, Inc., is a custom design specialist. Even before there was Designs to Impress my personal mantra was “I am nothing, if not an authentic party planner!” From stationery to décor, favors to menus, and everything in between, design has always been synonymous with who I am, and I have always loved selecting and creating the details that make events IMPRESSIVE.

I first began creating invitations and stationery for friends and family almost ten years ago, and quickly found myself amassing a steady stream of clients through word of mouth. Designs to Impress was quickly formed and has now grown to include a variety of clients including brides, expecting moms, Greek organizations, event planners, corporate agencies and educational institutions.

My design philosophy is heavily influenced by my love of couture fashion and classic elegance. Thus, many of my designs incorporate stylish embellishments, decadent ribbons and crystals, and luxurious papers in vibrant colors to tantalize the eye and capture the essence of your event.

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As the owner of Designs to Impress, I take special pride in designing invitations and stationery that reflect the unique taste and style of the clientele I service. I work to create paper products that portray elegance, beauty and distinctive characteristics of my clients and their special events.

Thank you for visiting Designs to Impress, Inc. – the ultimate one-stop, destination for all your stationery and design fantasies. I look forward to creating a “design to impress” the guests of your next event!